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jean hertlerIt was December, 2010, when Jean Hallahan Hertler learned of the lawful re-inhabitation of the American Republic and immediately offered her executive skills in the restoration process.  Ms. Hertler multitasked in various functions while assisting in the foundation of the interim government of her home State, Wisconsin.  Once the basic structure was achieved for the interim government, Jean began in-depth studies of the founding and operating documents of the American Republic, as well as that of Wisconsin from its inception as a Territory in 1836. 

Ms. Hertler has also participated in historical research of various sectors of government, including finance and money.  Jean pinpointed fraud while learning to verify and validate constitutional law, and worked with passion toward a constitutionally guaranteed republican form of governance (National and State).

In 2013 Jean contributed her writing gifts to the American Republic, having authored The Hertler Report, “Weekly Coverage and Reporting of Current Events, Issues, and Trends of the Republic for the United States of America.”  Together with her husband David, supported and guided by national leaders of the American Republic, Jean has been in the process of writing the American Republic’s truthful history in an expose entitled, Re-inhabited: The Republic for the United States of America.

Jean has 40 years of business experience, primarily in executive management with organizations and corporations throughout the United States.  Previous to her work in the American Republic, her last employment was a 10-year venture as the Executive Assistant to the President of a Wisconsin corporation who was also an entrepreneur of many ventures including a renewable energy project which successfully completed Commercial Phase.  Jean assisted in management of all of her employer’s business ventures which included writing and filing grant applications, both State and Federal, successfully achieving three financial awards Through the years Jean has also had rapport with various de facto State and Federal legislators with face-to-face meetings at the State Capitol building.

Jean Hallahan Hertler has many achievements, some of which include valedictorian of her high school class, receiving a lifetime National Honor Student award.  She achieved a perfect grade point average in college work, however, has not completed a degree other than to say that she has a doctorate in “The School of Hard Knocks” and continues to work on her masters in “The School of the Holy Spirit.”  Claiming that “life is about learning,” Ms. Hertler loves to read and study.  She continues her education through Hillsdale College in southern Michigan of which she has received a certificate of award of completion in American History while she continues her studies of the Constitution.

A daughter to first-generation Americans, (Ireland, Italy/England), Jean is a post-World War II Baby Boomer raised with five sisters and two brothers in the southwest Chicago suburbs back when there were still forests, cornfields, and unpaved roads.  Jean and her husband David have five grown children.  Their posterity includes 13 grandsons.




david hertlerSince 2011, David Carl Hertler has faithfully served in the restoration process of the re-inhabited Republic for the United States of America.  Throughout the first session of Republic Congress, he served in the capacity of dual roles in the House of Representatives as well as the Wisconsin free State legislative Assembly.  Mr. Hertler continues as an Assemblyman with his home State legislature as he also assists the Speaker of the House by leading education related to the American Republic’s founding and operating documents, as well as interjecting America’s rich heritage as preserved in the writings of the founding fathers.

Born at David City, Nebraska in the mid-1940s, Mr. Hertler lived the first ten years of his life in the small town of Naper, where his father pastored a church.  The Hertler family then moved to David’s mother’s home state of Wisconsin where he graduated from Reedsburg High School.  He was the president of the 4-H Club, president of his sophomore class and also played high school football as a right-end and a punter. 

In the early 1960s, David honorably served our country as a weatherman in the United States Navy.  His awareness of life was expanded in that time as he traveled our beautiful country for various schools, as well as in experiencing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans while serving aboard ship.  Upon honorable discharge, Mr. Hertler worked as a cost control accountant at IBM in Colorado and then in control data.  Preferring the outdoors, he began working in construction in southern Wisconsin for a decade before briefly venturing into real estate sales.  David began a U.S. Postal Service career in 1982 working as a rural mail carrier in south-central Wisconsin until his retirement 30 years later.  

Bird hunting has been a love for David as well as raising bird dogs. Having owned and updated a “hobby farm” over the last 20 years, his passion for animal husbandry and belief in the family farm as the backbone of America includes a desire to see the family farm restored.  Mr. Hertler has also served as a youth pastor and has led Bible studies throughout his adult life.

In addition to being selected as jury foreman while serving in jury duty, Mr. Hertler has also represented himself in business in a de facto courtroom.  Being told by a de facto judge that our original Constitution of the United States of America was “ancient” and “no good any longer,” as well as threatened with jail for stating the Bill of Rights, David holds a conviction to restore our country to the Founding Fathers’ original intent with a true representative form of government. 

While studying the lives of our Founding Fathers and early statesmen, David has memorized countless speeches and quotes in the last 4 years.  He has made presentation in early American attire before audiences.  He views the Black Robe Regiment as heroes.   Mr. Hertler has intently researched and studied pre-1860 legislative and Congressional Journals as well as Statutes at Large while acquainting himself with State and National law.  David has engaged in-depth studies on finance and money, as well as completed classwork in land patents and allodial title.  He has received various certificates of award of completion in American History as well as constitutional studies in education through Hillsdale College in southern Michigan.  David has studied constitutional law under lovers of Liberty such as Richard Church, Michael Badnarik, and Carl Miller. 

David and his wife Jean have five grown children.  Their posterity includes 13 grandsons.  Mr. Hertler has one sibling, a sister.




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